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Home » GRE Articles » Darden School of Business to accept GRE scores

Darden School of Business to accept GRE scores

Article: Darden School of Business to accept GRE scores
Description: The University of Virginia's Darden School of Business announced that it will begin accepting GRE Scores for admission to MBA Program in lieu of GMAT, bringing the number of MBA programs accepting GRE scores to more than 250.

Darden Admissions Director Sara Neher appeared for GRE this year to assess whether it would be an appropriate assessment for Darden applicants. "I wouldn't accept the GRE Test scores if I didn't understand what it was asking people to do," Neher says. "It's definitely not as complicated of a math test, but it still tests logic, general analytic ability, vocabulary, and "reading comprehension in the same way the GMAT does," she says.

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