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Home » GRE Articles » More than 1000 schools will accept GRE scores across the world

More than 1000 schools will accept GRE scores across the world

Article: More than 1000 schools will accept GRE scores across the world
Description: Educational Testing Service (ETS) recently said that more than 1,000 business schools across the world will now accept the GRE scores for their MBA programmes. In this long list, 13 Indian B-Schools including Amrita School of Business, T A Pai Management Institute and Universal Business School are also included.

David Payne, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for the Higher Education division at ETS, said, "Schools want great candidates for their MBA and specialized masters programs and they recognize that GRE test takers are a highly qualified, highly diverse population. We have got great feedback from business schools who say they are pleased to see the number of applicants with GRE scores rise with each admissions cycle. Even schools like Harvard are now communicating directly to students that GRE scores are valued."

This is one of the preferred tests with some additional qualities for students such as lowered fees, preview/review functionality and Quantitative Reasoning sections on-screen calculator. GRE officials also made announcement about the introduction of the new ScoreSelect option, according to that test takers can decide which GRE scores, from their reportable history they want to send to their designated schools.

Across the world more than 1000 business schools accept the GRE scores, the world's top ranked institutes such as Duke University, the University of Iowa and the University of Wisconsin-Madison also accept this test score as eligibility criteria.

Business schools are also happy with the diverse background of the students they get through GRE. Jenni Denniston, Director of MBA Recruiting and Admissions at the Ivey School of Business at Western University in Canada, said, "Accepting GRE scores opens up a new and diverse applicant pool for their full-time MBA program to seek applications from."

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