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Home » GRE Books » Kaplan GRE Premier 2013 (With 5 Computer Adaptive Practice Tests + DVD)

Kaplan GRE Premier 2013 (With 5 Computer Adaptive Practice Tests + DVD)

GRE Books

Kaplan gives you everything you need to score higher on the GRE, including the most effective strategies, comprehensive practice, and tools to master every question on Test Day.

  • 1,300+ questions with detailed explanations
  • Down-loadable iPad edition of this book for on-the-go study
  • 6 full-length practice tests (5 computer adaptive, 1 in the book)
  • DVD containing stress management, study planning and grad school application advice from elite Kaplan faculty
  • Key strategies for all GRE question types
  • Practice sets for the Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning sections
  • Diagnostic tool and end-of-chapter practice sets for even more targeted practice
  • Advice for the graduate school application process

Table of Contents
How to Use This Book
Part One: Getting Started
Chapter 1: Introduction to the GRE
Chapter 2: Multi-Stage Test Mechanics
Part Two: Verbal Reasoning
Chapter 3: Introduction to Verbal Reasoning
Chapter 4: Verbal Foundations and Content Review
Chapter 5: Text Completion
Chapter 6: Sentence Equivalence
Chapter 7: Reading Comprehension
Chapter 8: Verbal Reasoning Practice Set
Part Three: Quantitative Reasoning
Chapter 9: Introduction to Quantitative Reasoning
Chapter 10: Quantitative Foundations and Content Review
Chapter 11: Quantitative Comparison
Chapter 12: Problem Solving
Chapter 13: Data Interpretation
Chapter 14: Quantitative Reasoning Practice Set
Part Four: Analytical Writing
Chapter 15: Introduction to Analytical Writing
Chapter 16: Analytical Writing Foundations and Content Review
Chapter 17: The Issue Essay
Chapter 18: The Argument Essay
Chapter 19: Analytical Writing Practice Set
Part Five: Practice Test
Chapter 20: Practice Test
Chapter 21: Practice Test Answers
Part Six: Test Day and Beyond
Chapter 22: Take Control of the Test
Chapter 23: Where and When to Apply
Chapter 24: How to Apply to Graduate School
Part Seven: GRE Resources
Appendix A: Kaplan's Word Groups
Appendix B: Kaplan's Root List
Appendix C: Top GRE Words in Context
Appendix D: Math Reference

Download Book: Kaplan GRE Premier 2013 (With 5 Computer Adaptive Practice Tests + DVD)

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Barbi Commented on Friday, March 10, 2017
Was totally stuck until I read this, now back up and rugninn.....

Julissa Commented on Friday, March 10, 2017
Stellar work there eveneory. I'll keep on reading.....

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