Tuesday, August 14, 2018   
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GRE Anxiety

News: GRE Anxiety

When we hear that an applicant is anxious about the GREs, the specific complaint is generally test-taking anxiety.  This year, there's a new kind of nervousness surrounding the GRE ó report-date anxiety.  As they roll out a new exam, the folks at GRE are reporting scores on a delayed schedule.  (If you have planned or taken the exam between August 1 and now, you already know this.)

The new exam is still somewhat of a mystery to us, but today's post is designed to reassure.  Within reason, we will work with our applicants as we wait for test scores to arrive.  Frankly, we don't even know what accommodations we may need to make.  The first application deadline of the year is tomorrow.  But the new GRE is out of our applicants' control, and we will avoid penalizing those who take the exam in a timely way, but who can't produce the scores in an equally timely manner.

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