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Home » GRE News » Record number of GRE takers in 2011

Record number of GRE takers in 2011

News: Record number of GRE takers in 2011
Description: As per Educational Testing Service (ETS), the official administrator of GRE, the volume of GRE Test takers reached a record level of more than 800,000. The number of GRE takers has been increasing continuously for last several years.

Although other higher education tests such as GMAT, have registered a slow down in the volume of test takers, but GRE test volume has been increasing and it witnessed around 13% increase from last year. The main reasons cited for this increase are the introduction of test-taker friendly GRE Revised General Test from August 2011 and growing acceptance of GRE score by graduate schools including BusinessSchools world over.

From August 2011, Educational Testing Service (ETS), the organizer of GRE Test, has introduced the GRE Revised General Test which replaced the GRE General Test being conducted earlier. The GRE Revised General Test is test-taker friendly and has new questions and more closely reflects the kind of thinking you'll do in graduate or business school and demonstrates that you are ready for graduate-level work. The main feature of the new GRE Test is that it has done away with some typical Verbal vocabulary portions.

Off late, some of the Business Schools have also started accepting GRE Scores for their MBA Programs. The main reason cited behind this is that B-Schools want to broaden the applicant pool. The other reasons are unavailability of GMAT Test Centers (GRE Test is conducted at more locations than GMAT Test) at some locations, lack of interest to take another test after completing graduation through GRE (GRE Score is valid for 5 years) and to encourage more and more women candidates who are considered more likely to not take GMAT Test after once taking GRE Test.

Some of the Business schools including some top B-Schools such as Stanford Graduate Business School, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT Sloan), Michigan Ross School of Business, IE Business School Spain etc. have also started accepting GRE Score for their MBA Courses. In 2011, the number of B-schools accepting GRE score increased to around 800 from 450 in 2010.

The growth in GRE test volume was witnessed in almost all major countries. In US, the test volume increased by 10%, while in India the growth was 43% and in China, the volume increased by 28%.

GRE Test contains three parts namely Analytical Writing Assessment (GRE AWA), Quantitative section (GRE QUANT) and Verbal section (GRE VERBAL). is one of the best GRE Online Preparation sites that offer Short & Precise Tips, GRE Practice Questions sets and Timed Mock Tests

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