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GRE English Vocabulary

English Vocabulary

Xah Lee, 1995,..., 2008.

Are you a word lover? Do you subscribe to a-word-a-day? Are you preparing for SAT or GRE? If yes to any of the above, then you may find this word list useful. Else, do you swoon by the sway of your sensibility? Do you cackle for the pang of nettlesome far-outs? Do you dig the incomprehensible writs of a heart? Then, you need this page.

When I was learning English back in 1989, my methodology was to build a vocabulary and ignore all other aspects of the language. I reasoned that the essence of knowing a language is no more than understanding all the words. So, for the first few years I thumbed through English-Chinese dictionary hundred times a day as the primary means of learning the language. I disregarded any conventions and methodologies such as learning from ESL materials or progression from frequently used words to esoteric or literary vocabularies. (At the time, i did not even know that a language's vocabulary has these different classes. It was a simple naive logical thinking and headstrong will.) Now I know how wrong and inefficient I've been. The habit of writing down words and checking dictionaries nevertheless continued.

This web site contains over five thousand words of pain (with usage examples), loosely grouped into several classes in some 50 files, for my own happiness.

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