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Format of GRE


The GRE General Exam is approximately 3 HOURS Long.
It has 3 Sections :-
a) WRITING -- 2 Questions -- (45+30) -- 75 Minutes
10 Minutes BREAK
b) VERBAL -- 30 Questions -- 30 Minutes
1 Minute BREAK
c) MATHS -- 28
Questions -- 45 Minutes

  • The GRE Test Always Begins with the Writing Section.
  • The Maths and Verbal Sections can Appear in Any Order. Also, the questions within Each Section can appear in Any Order.
  • One Extra Section--EXPERIMENTAL (Unidentified or Unscored) Section May Appear in the GRE Exam which may be in Any Order During Exam, after the Analytical Writing Section. For Example, it may appear after Analytical Writing or after Maths Section or even at the End of all the Sections. Experimental Section's Time and Scores are NOT counted in Exam.

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