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CDL Online Course

CDL Online Course

If you don't need to go through our online course, click here for basic information about the CDL test.  Click here if you are looking for a truck driving job.

Our course is heavily focused on "self-help." Here's why:

A) If you are intimately involved in both structuring and completing your test preparation, you will have a better understanding of the experience and reap better results and

B) We recognize that there is great diversity in learning styles. By leaving the test preparation solution in a more open, relaxed format, we believe we can make the diversity in learning styles a strength rather than a weakness.

We have provided the resources and the tools. The rest is up to you- the best teacher is the person who knows you best- YOU! The CDL test covers a wide range of topics. Make sure that you are prepared for a mental marathon on the CDL exam. A lot of test takers preparing for the CDL exam end up spending thousands of dollars on CDL exam prep courses when they would probably be better off with a couple of CDL exam study guides and practice tests. Make sure that you monitor your pace while taking the CDL test. These modules will help you prepare for the CDL exam.
Here are the recommended steps you should take in using our system:

1. Take the self assessment module quizzes below (make notes of your scores and remember which revealed significant gaps in your learning):

Self-Assessment Modules:

Air Brakes Endorsement I

Air Brakes Endorsement II

Combination Vehicles Endorsement

Doubles and Triples Endorsement

General Knowledge I

General Knowledge II

General Knowledge III

Hazardous Materials Endorsement

On-Road Driving Test

Pre-Trip Inspection I

Pre-Trip Inspection II

School and Coach-Transit Bus Pre-Trip

School Bus Endorsement

Tank Vehicles Endorsement

Transporting Cargo Safely

Transporting Passengers

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