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NCE Online Course

NCE Online Course

If you don't need to go through our NCE online practice questions, click here for basic information about the NCE certification test.

Here are the recommended practice questions that you should study in using our system:

1. Which of the following persons has been called the Father of Individual Psychology?

A) Freud
B) Ellis
C) Rogers
D) Adler 

2. A child has trouble understanding that the amount of juice she sees being poured is the same amount when it is in her sippy cup and when it is in her baby brotherís bottle. She believes the narrower bottle has more juice. She is in the developmental stage labeled by Piaget as

A) concrete operations 
B) sensorimotor operations
C) pre-formal operations
D) innuitive thinking stage

3. Alice is very afraid of flying. She starts with her counselor by talking about a flight. She ends the session by drawing a plane. She next time talks about her concerns looking at her picture, and then looks at three other pictures of planes. The third time she starts by looking at the plane pictures and seeing a model of a plane. She holds the plane model and starts to discuss a plan to visit the airport. This script mirrors a therapy technique called

A) Imagination therapy
C) Narrative Adjustment
D) Desensitization 

4. Victor Frankl is known for

A) Marriage therapy
B) Logotherapy 
C) Cross cultural counseling 
D) Spiritual counseling

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