Sunday, September 23, 2018   
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The use of uniforms will strip identity, stifle creativity, and unnecessarily burden the families that cannot afford them. Another problem that will surface due to the carrying out of school uniforms is the suppression of the individual's creativity and expression. Many students' express who they are through the way they dress. One major conflict that arises is the issue on that clothing is a form of symbolism. Some say it could be a form of speech which is a fact through media and others.

Yes, students should be able to dress the way they want, schools should have the right to set standards and create more of a dress code, not a unique uniform that each student must wear. Misconduct will always occur in schools not matter what type of clothing students wear, students who are problems will always seem to be a problem. School uniforms are somewhat outrageous to the concern inverse self security of right to the students, a better idea would be to put restrictions to clothing.

A dress code may decrease misconduct. There is a high proven doubt it would not eliminate misconduct if uniforms were inforced. uniforms will not eliminate the group barriers and unsafe school... Principal Ramon Leyba, from Phoenix, Arizona. The use of uniforms has already been fulfilled in several long-standing social environments. The punishment system uses uniforms to brand those persons who are imprisoned. Likewise, the military also uses them to separate and remove the individualism inside of the soldier.

In both cases, individual identity is stripped away and the subject is forced to appear as the same outward appearance as every other subject. Which causes a surpressed environment of no choice in any manner. It is said some students may face certain pressures to stay hip but it really doesn't effect a huge majority. This type of acts will always be present in any manner of what a student wears due to their body or different appearances.

Uniforms robs us of our outlook in time on fashion that we would lack of viewing towards the future offspring. Some memories of our time period in the evolution of the clothes industry of style would vanish from existence due to a graphical out look of a uniform. Their is depraving of expression as if a teenager wants to show the rest of the world that he/she loves Jesus, then he or she might wear a T-shirt that states a positive view on the subject.

Similarly, a student might want to wear green colored clothing to show his or her support for St. Patrick's Day. School uniforms would end both of those examples listed within this paragraph and many, many more. Parents against uniforms The published information on the effects of school uniforms is rising on propaganda -- no severe studies have been conducted on the effects of a Uniform Policy.

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