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Leonardo’s began when his father moved to Florence as the procurator of the Convent of St. Martire in 1469. There, Leonardo worked in the legendary “workshop” of Andrea del Verrocchio. He worked together with Perugino, Botticelli, Ghirlandalo, and Lorenzo di Credi. Leonardo worked with other people on the painting Baptism of Christ.

He regestered in the Guild of Florentine Painters and becomes the Guild’s debtor in 1472. A year later, he paints a Wide View Over A Plain with a view of the Montalbano towards Valdarno and Valdinievole. It is the first reliable point of reference in the cronological index of Leonardo’s works. He was charged with homosexuality in 1476 and was released on probation. He continues to work in Verrocchio’s workshop. Lwonardo creates the first folios of the Condex Atlanticus two years later.In 1480 Leonardo went to work for Lorenzo Magnifico in the garden of S. Marco.

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