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GRE Sample Writing

"People work more productively in teams than individually. Team work requires cooperation, which motivates people much more than individual competition does".


Sample writing 1

The speaker is correct when he states that productivity increases when people work in teams. Teamwork requires cooperation and this enhances the motivation of people than individual competition.

In manufacturing industry, the production of product depends on a number of complex processes. A number of departments dealing with materials, technical services, finance, marketing and production have to interact and only after their cooperative work all the products roll out in time. When the operations involved are highly technical and production processes are complex, interactive cooperation becomes very essential. Even in the research organizations, researchers must collaborate to bring out the product designs. Here cooperative interaction will speed up the work. If individuals are in competition but without cooperation they may work in cross purposes and delay in schedules.

There are a number of benefits when people work in a team rather than individually. When people work as a team, their basic need of belongingness is satisfied. They feel secure and wanted by the members in the team. Good inter personal relations develop. This motivates them to put in more hard work to meet the goals and time schedule set for the team. When sales persons work as a team, each one tries very hard to meet the targets set for the sales of the team. Each one tries to help the other members. But if each one is competing with others in meeting the individual sales targets, the jealousies, back stabbing and other unethical practices will develop which will be counter productive to the organization. Even the best of leaders of industrial and business organizations acknowledge that without the cooperation of the subordinates and workers, they would not have achieved success. Thus, we can see cooperation and not competition as the key to success of organizations.

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