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  • Which Means, You Take your GRE Test on the Computer in one of the ETS Selected Authorised Centres & then Computer Adapts Yours Responses to Each and Every Questions.
  • That means, if You answered wrong or in low level, your next Question will be Easier than the Previous one and your Score-Range will be Low.

  • But if You answered Absolutely Right, your next Question will be Harder than the Previous one and thus your Score-Range will also be High and You get High Score.
  • At the End of Test, it will Give You SCORE according to your Answers.
  • GRE is Mutiple Choice Question Exam (except Analytical Writing)
  • You Cannot Skip Any Question During the Test.
  • All Questions Are Compulsory.
  • You Cannot Go Back to Previously Answered Questions During the Test.
  • First 5 Questions Are Very Very Important in any (Verbal/Maths) Section. So, Read and Solve these Questions SLOWLY within timelimit and CAREFULLY.
  • For Better Score, Give Importance to 1-20 Questions. If you are wrong in Last 2-3 Questions, they will not Affected your Final Score, but if you are wrong in First 2-3 Questions, then you are Gone. Your Score will be very Low. So Be Careful..!!

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