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Register for the FREE GRE® Search Service

Register for the FREE GRE® Search Service

Don't miss this opportunity to hear from graduate schools that are searching for students like you. The GRE Search Service matches prospective graduate students with participating graduate schools and fellowship sponsors. If you match the recruitment profile of a participating institution/organization, you may be sent information about graduate programs, admission requirements, financial aid opportunities, fellowships, and other graduate education opportunities.

You will be given the option to be included in the Search Service when you register for a GRE test. Anyone considering graduate study, whether or not they are registered for a GRE test, may also register for the GRE Search Service. To register for the GRE Search Service only, use the online GRE registration form.

When you register for a GRE test, or if you participate in the Search Service, you will be asked to provide background information about yourself. This information is collected for analysis samples, score interpretation data, group statistics, and research studies. If you register to participate in the Search Service, your background information, contact information, and the broad score bands in which your test scores fall will be added to the GRE Search Service database so that participating graduate schools and fellowship sponsors can locate you.

Beginning in December 2007, participating graduate schools and fellowship sponsors can search the database on broad GRE score bands in combination with undergraduate grade point average (UGPA). The score bands for the Verbal measure, Quantitative measure, and the Subject Tests are 90 points or greater (e.g., 600 to 690) and the score bands for the Analytical Writing measure are a half point or greater (e.g., 4.5 to 5.0). Information on broad score bands or individual GRE test scores will not be part of the output provided to Search Service users.

Information provided to participating schools about you may include any of the following:

  • personal information: address, gender, ethnic background, citizenship status, telephone number, and e-mail address
  • educational background: current educational status, undergraduate institution name, UGPA, undergraduate major, and date of graduation
  • educational objective: field in which you plan to do your graduate work, preference of full-time or part-time graduate study, degree objective, preferred geographic region for graduate study, and intended date of enrollment in graduate school.

Information collected by Educational Testing Service (ETS®) for use in the GRE Search Service will be transferred to Hobsons®, a leading provider of educational solutions. Hobsons is responsible for administering and marketing the GRE Search Service as directed by ETS. By participating in the GRE Search Service, you authorize the transfer of your personal information to Hobsons for the purposes described above. Hobsons is prohibited from using your personal information for any other purposes.

Test takers who choose to participate in the Search Service and would like to unsubscribe at a later date may do so at any time by contacting GRE Services at, or 1-609-771-7670.

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