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Letter of Recommendation - FAQS & Answers

Q. What Info Should I Give My Letter Writers?

A. Assume that your letter writer will remember nothing. Provide all information that you think may be helpful or that you would like to have appear in the letter of recommendation. Include a folder with the following neatly organized within:

  • Your GPA
  • List of relevant courses taken
  • Titles and abstracts of any research papers you have written
  • Honor societies to which you belong
  • Awards that you have won
  • Activities in which you have participated (professionally relevant only)
  • Relevant work experience
  • Service activities such as volunteer work
  • A description of your professional goals
  • A curriculum vitae
  • Copies of admissions essays
  • Information about your experiences with the letter writer (e.g., courses taken, copies of papers, etc.)

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