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Letter of Recommendation - Questions & Answers

Question: I have a BA in economics and an MBA. I'd like to change careers and apply to graduate programs in counseling psychology. Can I do this with my background? Should I go back to college and get a BA in psychology to apply to graduate programs in counseling psychology?

You don't need a bachelor's degree in psychology to apply to graduate programs in psychology; however, you will have to demonstrate how your experiences prepare you for a career in counseling psychology. Pull from your experiences to illustrate the qualities that will enable you to succeed in psychology. For example, your MBA indicates that you have the motivation to complete a graduate degree. Perhaps you've done some volunteer work to obtain experience working with different kinds of people. Examples from your current job might illustrate your listening skills, communication skills, and people skills.

If you haven't taken any psychology courses in college, enroll in a couple to show your interest, be sure that psychology is for you, and get to know professors who might write letters of recommendation on your behalf.

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