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News & Events of TOEFL

(April 4, 2011) - ETS Launches New TOEFL® Customer Support Center for German Test Takers

Princeton, N.J  (April 4, 2011)

Educational Testing Service (ETS) has announced a new, toll-free customer support center to serve German TOEFL® test takers.

The TOEFL Germany Customer Support Center offers guidance and timely information for students regarding the TOEFL test. The new center is accessible by phone toll-free directly from Germany, Monday–Friday from 9 a.m.–5 p.m. Central European Time, at 0800-181-6333. In addition, student inquiries can be sent via e-mail to The center is available to assist students with identifying test preparation materials, locating test centers, obtaining their score reports, ordering additional score reports and other pre- or post-administration inquiries.

"We are pleased to announce the TOEFL Germany Customer Support Center to support the growing number of TOEFL test takers," commented Teresa Sanchez-Lazer, Executive Director of the TOEFL Program. "The customer support center is a resource uniquely designed to assist and support German students during the TOEFL testing process. From 2009 to 2010, there was a 10 percent increase in the number of TOEFL test takers in Germany. We are committed to developing new resources, such as the customer support center, to make the process easier and more efficient for the growing number of German students taking the TOEFL test."

Students should still contact the Regional Registration Center at 31-320-239-540 to register for the TOEFL test or to cancel a test registration.

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