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News & Events of TOEFL

(February 22, 2011)- ETS Announces Upcoming 2011 TOEFL® Test Dates for Australia

Princeton, N.J  (February 22, 2011)

Educational Testing Service (ETS), the creator of the TOEFL® test has announced the 2011 TOEFL test dates for March, April, May and June for students in Australia who wish to take the TOEFL test.

The TOEFL test, the most widely accepted English language assessment worldwide, evaluates a student's ability to use and understand English at the university level and measures how a student combines reading, listening, writing and speaking skills needed to succeed in an academic setting. Currently, more than 7,500 institutions around the world, including nearly every university in Australia, accept the TOEFL test to demonstrate English language proficiency.

Available to students in 165 countries, including 16 testing sites in Australia, the TOEFL test is the most accessible English language assessment. Students have the opportunity to register for the TOEFL test up to three months in advance. Upcoming test administrations in Australia at a variety of testing sites include:


March 12; April 9; May 14; June 11, 25

Archerfield (Brisbane):

March 12, 26; April 9; May 14, 28; June 25


March 12, 26; April 9; May 14, 28; June 11, 25

Canning Vale (Perth):

March 26; April 9; May 14, 28; June 25

Highett (Melbourne):

April 9; May 14, 28; June 25


March 12, 20, 26; May 29; June 25


March 13, 20, 26; April 9; May 14, 28; June 25


March 12; April 9; May 14, 28, 29; June 11, 19, 25

Parafield (Adelaide):

March 12, 26; April 9; May 14, 28; June 25


March 12, 13, 20; April 9; May 14, 28; June 11, 25


March 26; April 9; May 14, 28, 29; June 11, 25

"For any student who is required to demonstrate English language proficiency around the world, the TOEFL test stands heads and shoulders above the pack in terms of its ability to provide an accurate indication of a student's ability to communicate effectively in English," commented Liz Pryzibilla, Director of Professional and Continuing Education and English Language Centre at the University of Adelaide. "The numerous test administrations and testing sites make it convenient for students to take the TOEFL test in Australia."


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