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(August 1516, 2011) - Symposium for New Associate Deans

Tampa, Florida, USA  (August 1516, 2011)

Taking on and mastering the role and responsibilities of an associate dean can pose significant challenges, and depending on the circumstance, the position can be overwhelming. In an effort to ease your transition into this new function, this symposium provides new associate deans with an understanding of the role through an in-depth examination of the responsibilities and issues you will likely face, key lessons for success, and the opportunity to develop a peer support network of other new associate deans.

Discover resources for on-going development and support that will help you establish yourself successfully in the position. Join us August 1516, 2011 in Tampa, Florida, USA, at AACSB's world headquarters to explore topics such as aligning with and supporting your dean, understanding how to motivate people, efficient delegation, time management, navigating politics, dealing with adversity, personal integrity, achieving balance, and planning your next career steps.

New associate and assistant deans, or faculty preparing to take on an associate dean position.
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