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ETS Partners with Hobsons to Enhance GRE® Search Service

Princeton, N.J. (April 26, 2007) —

ETS announced today a new partnership with Hobsons U.S. to improve and enhance ETS’s Graduate Record Examinations® (GRE®) Search Service.  The service, which is administered in consultation with the GRE Board, allows graduate programs to draw from a searchable database of more than 500,000 prospective students and generate mailing lists based upon the institution’s preferred criteria.

The GRE Search Service will begin offering improved features and functionalities beginning in October 2007. Major enhancements include a new feature that allows users to search by GRE score ranges in combination with self-reported undergraduate grade point averages, new data formats that will be more compatible with most campus management systems and more user friendly data output.

“The GRE Search Service has been an important recruiting strategy for graduate programs for more than 30 years,” says David Payne, ETS’s Executive Director of Higher Education. “Graduate student recruitment has become increasingly competitive, and this online tool helps graduate schools be very strategic in their recruitment and outreach efforts. We are very enthusiastic about drawing upon Hobsons’ expertise to make this service even more useful to those who use it.”

Graduate institutions can search the current database using a number of criteria; for example, students who live in a certain geographic area, have expressed interest in specific programs of study, or plan to enroll during a particular timeframe. Prospective graduate students can sign up for the service for free, increasing their exposure to institutions that may wish to target them for enrollment.

“ETS’s GRE Search Service enables graduate schools to use comprehensive information about prospective graduate students to increase overall enrollment, increase graduate student diversity, and help schools shape their incoming classes,” says Craig Heldman, President of Hobsons U.S. “Hobsons’ work will allow graduate programs to receive the data in formats that are more compatible with most campus management systems, and more easily use that data in their recruitment and outreach efforts. Hobsons will also help communicate the value of the Search Service to graduate institutions across the country.”

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