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(October 14, 2010) - The TOEFL® Test and GRE® General Test: A Winning Combination for a Strong Application

Beijing, China  (October 14, 2010) —

Representatives of Educational Testing Service (ETS), creator of the GRE® General Test and TOEFL® test, will participate in a series of upcoming student fairs in 2010, including the China Education Expo and IIE Student Fairs. Beginning this weekend, ETS representatives will travel to five Chinese cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Kunming, Nanjing and Guangzhou, to answer questions students have regarding the two assessments and share the latest program information, resources and study tools.

The TOEFL test and GRE General Test are two of the most widely accepted assessments used for admission into higher education. The TOEFL test is the most widely accepted English language assessment for undergraduate and graduate admissions. The GRE General Test is the most widely administered admissions test used by graduate and business programs around the world. Together, the GRE and TOEFL tests are two important pieces of a university application for study abroad.

"ETS is committed to providing students across China with the information they need to create a strong application that helps them succeed in graduate school," says David Hunt, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of ETS's Global Division. "The TOEFL test and the GRE General Test are offering more prep and planning tools than ever before and we want to make sure students in China know about these new resources." "

The TOEFL test measures the ability of non-native English speakers to use and understand English in a university setting (both undergraduate and graduate levels). It provides a fair and objective assessment of a student's ability to listen, read, write and speak in an academic environment.

The GRE General Test measures the skills that are needed for success in graduate and business school. In August 2011, ETS will launch the GRE revised General Test worldwide. There are many exciting changes coming with the GRE revised General Test, including an enhanced testing experience and new types of questions that better reflect the skills needed for graduate-level work. In addition, ETS will no longer be using split-test administrations for the GRE General Test in China. This means that test takers will be able to take the GRE revised General Test all in one day and all on computer.

To demonstrate ETS's ongoing commitment to test takers in China, representatives will be attending the following education fairs:

The GRE Search Service is an Internet-based student recruitment tool that helps business and graduate schools expand their prospect pool by identifying GRE test takers around the world who match their program's profile. Programs can customize their profile using up to 28 unique criteria and then receive targeted mailing lists to use in their recruitment efforts.

The interest in the GRE General Test among business schools and students is expected to get an even bigger boost next year with the launch of the GRE revised General Test in August 2011.

"The changes included in the GRE revised General Test are more aligned with the skills that students need to be successful in today's demanding graduate and business school programs," explains Payne. "The revisions include many new test-taker friendly features that will attract individuals considering an MBA degree."

Event Location Date
China Education Expo
Beijing, China China World Exhibition Hall 16-17 October
Shanghai, China Shanghai East Asia Exhibition Hall 23-24 October
Kunming, China Empark Grand Hotel 30 October
IIE Student Fairs
Guangzhou, China Dong Fang Hotel 17 October
Nanjing, China Central Hotel, Nanjing 19 October

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