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(May 5, 2010) - GRE® Search Service Goes Global

Princeton, N.J.  (May 5, 2010) —

The GRE® Search Service, an Internet-based student recruitment tool that allows graduate institutions to identify potential graduate and business school candidates, is expanding globally, officials with Educational Testing Service (ETS) and Hobsons U.S. announced today.

"With graduate student recruitment becoming globally competitive, this online service is an essential tool that helps graduate and business schools be very strategic in their recruitment and outreach efforts," says David G. Payne, VP and COO for College and Graduate Programs at ETS. "We have been working to increase the flexibility and usefulness of the GRE Search Service and are very pleased to be able to offer the service to institutions around the world."

Becoming a GRE Search Service user enables graduate and business programs to draw comprehensive information from a diverse candidate pool of more than 400,000 prospective students from more than 200 countries, while generating candidate mailing lists based upon the institution's preferred criteria. "

"The graduate admissions community spoke and we responded," says Craig Heldman, CEO, Hobsons. "With expanded accessibility and new user-friendly features, the GRE Search Service allows institutions across the globe to easily leverage valuable student data to shape incoming classes and drive enrollment."

The GRE Search Service includes many user-friendly features that make the tool easy to use for graduate and professional institutions from regions throughout the world.

  1. Users can search the database using a number of criteria to receive customized data, including student demographics, enrollment factors and GRE test score bands
  2. This data can be viewed in a variety of formats that are compatible with most campus management systems, including plain text formatting
  3. A user-friendly interface gives graduate institutions easy access to the information they need, with wizard-like pages to help guide them through more advanced tasks
  4. The Search Service provides year-round access so users can place orders at any time

With the GRE Search Service, institutions that award graduate degrees or graduate fellowships can receive a list of prospective graduate students who have registered for or taken the GRE® General Test and/or a GRE® Subject Test. Individuals considering graduate study may also register for the GRE Search Service. Graduate programs will experience the benefit of knowing that they are sending the right message, to the right person, at the right time.

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