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(March 1, 2010) - ETS Announces Record-Breaking GRE® Volumes in 2009Princeton, N.J.  (March 1, 2010) —

Educational Testing Service (ETS) today announced that 2009 GRE® test volumes smashed the previous record with global registrations topping 675,000, a 9 percent increase over the prior year.

In a year where 2009 first-time U.S. graduate admissions (PDF) were up 6 percent and GMAT® test volumes grew by 1 percent, the GRE test's record-setting year indicates strong worldwide appeal of the GRE General Test, according to company officials.

"Clearly students across the globe are seeing the value of taking the GRE General Test to pursue a graduate degree or business degree like an MBA," says David G. Payne, VP and COO for College and Graduate Programs at ETS. "

"We are pleased to see the results of our direct outreach really igniting people to pursue graduate education. Volumes are up almost everywhere — domestically and in major international markets like China and Europe," adds Payne. "We also saw double-digit growth from many traditionally underrepresented minority groups in 2009. Quite simply, our applicant pool continues to expand and diversify as more and more people take the GRE test worldwide."

"MBA programs are telling us that they need to broaden and diversify their applicant pools to meet the demands of today's global economy. And they see accepting GRE General Test scores as a great way to reach hundreds of thousands of potential candidates that they could miss if they accepted only the GMAT scores," Payne says.

Because the GRE General Test can be a single ticket to both graduate and business school, Payne expects significant growth in the coming years from students who choose to take the GRE test to apply to MBA and other graduate programs. "In this economy especially, the flexibility to use one test for admission to both graduate and business programs is great for students who want to ensure that they have options. It's a huge benefit to them.".

In addition to record-breaking GRE test volumes in 2009 and a significant increase in the number of MBA programs accepting GRE scores, the program announced in December to the graduate school community that it would launch the GRE revised General Test in 2011.

The GRE revised General Test will offer a friendlier testing structure that will allow test-takers to skip ahead to preview questions and tag questions to return to later. Other changes include questions types that emphasize data interpretation and real-world scenarios; the elimination of antonyms and analogies; and access to a built-in calculator function, among other benefits.

"We've essentially taken the best test for graduate admissions and made it better," explains Payne. "We are very proud of the GRE revised General Test and believe it will contribute to the growing interest in the GRE test worldwide."

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