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(March 15, 2010) - GRE® Program Renews Test Fee Reduction for the Unemployed Princeton, N.J.  (March 15, 2010) —

Today, Educational Testing Service (ETS) announced that the GRE® Program would renew its successful test fee reduction program for the unemployed.

In light of current economic conditions, the GRE Test Fee Reduction Program is offering a limited number of GRE fee reductions to individuals who are unemployed. The program complements existing GRE test fee reduction programs and is designed to help individuals who are currently out of work and receiving unemployment benefits.

Applicants who meet eligibility requirements will be able to register for the GRE General Test for $80, or half of the regular test fee. "

“We launched the program last May and it was very successful,” explains Jacqueline Briel, Executive Director of the GRE Program at ETS. “Because of demand brought on by the current economic climate, we believed it was appropriate to renew the program.”

Eligibility Requirements

  1. You must be a U.S. citizen or resident alien, age eighteen (18) or older, who is currently unemployed and has become unemployed within the past six months.
  2. You must be planning to take the computer-based GRE General Test in the United States, Puerto Rico, Guam or U.S. Virgin Islands.
  3. You must submit a copy of an Unemployment Benefits Statement from the past 90 days as proof of unemployment.

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