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GRE Subject Test

GRE Subject Test

GRE Subject Tests are meant to test your knlowledge and skill level in a particular subject area. These subject tests are emphasized by undergraduate preograms.

Not every graduate program asks you for a GRE Subject Test. So make sure that the program which you have choosen asks you to take the GRE desired GRE Subject Test.

Many a times if you are opting for a program outside your undergraduate major subject then you may need to take corresponding GRE subject test.

The GRE Subject Test is available only in the paper-and-pencil version. Students planning to take GRE Subject test are advice to do so during the month of November. To appear for GRE subject test the student has to register himself 6 weeks before the exam date.

It would be another 6 weeks before the GRE Subject test results are made available. The advantage of appearing for the GRE Subject test in November is that the GRE Subject Test scores will be available to the student before the deadline of the admission dates.

By appearing for the testing November the student has the option of re-taking the tests in December and April in case of bad performance or to improve scores.

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