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Sample Paper 12

Medium Test (Contains 20 questions and each questions contains 4 options)
  adj. pertaining to the sky; heavenly
  adj. pertaining to the common people; hence, common or vulgar
  n. a scolding or ill-tempered woman
  adj. despotic
  adj. having the force to compel, usually by appealing to reason
  v. to purify (usually a piece of writing) of offensive material
  adj. proud; looking down with contempt on others
  v. to paralyze with horror, fear, or surprise
  v. to express sympathy with another in sorrow, pain, or misfortune
  adj. untiring
  adj. working secretly or slyly
  adj. burdensome and clumsy
  adj. hating or distrusting mankind
  adj. ridiculous; producing laughter
  n. indifferent, calm in bearing pain or pleasure; practising remarkable self-control over emotions
  v. to publish or proclaim; to spread abroad
  adj. pertaining to money
  adj. supreme power and authority; independent of the control of any other government
  adj. exempt from; protected from
  v. to gain an advantage by the use of trick to evade by the use of deception; to go around
  adj. wise; using or exhibiting good judgment
  adj. smooth-spoken, fluent
  adj. cutting, penetrating
  adj. sociable, courteous, and agreeable in manner
  adj. strange and foreign
  adj. unsymmetrical; not straight
  adj. merciful; gentle
  adj. continuing a long time; habitual
  adj. no longer productive; hence, lacking in or, worn out
  adj. profitable
  adj. very pleasing
  n. the reward or punishment exacted for an injury, wickedness, or other action
  v. to banish; to exclude from public favor or privileges
  n. an assumption made for the sake of argument
  n. a ludicrous and complete failure
  n. a. personal peculiarity
  adj. harmless; inoffensive
  adj. living loosely; unrestrained in conduct or morals
  v. to forgive or overlook (an offense)
  n. an increase
  adj. having a very severe effect, or being extremely limiting
  n. a skilled storyteller
  n. general agreement
  adj. foolish; silly
  n. an introduction, forerunner, or preliminary step
  v. to declare positively; to confirm
  n. a group of people joined by common interests a coterie of select friend.
  n. an attentive or flattering follower; a country influenced or controlled by another
  n. the highest point
  n. temporary deferment or cessation of work or pain; a temporary delay in the execution of -a sentence
  n. a person who has authority to decide matters in dispute
  v. to prevent, dispose of, or make unnecessary by appropriate actions
  adj. gloomy; ill-humored
  n. esteem or influence accorded for recognized achievements or reputation
  adj. very short-lived
  adj. likely to occur soon
  v. to make fun of or copy by imitating
  adj. sentimental to the point of tears
  adj. indisputable
  n. an extreme patriot
  adj. to belittle or speak slightingly of
  adj. possessing similar interests and tastes; able to get on well with others
  v. to pierce through with a pointed instrument
  n. an original pattern
  n. an offender
  adj. slender; not substantial
  adj. simple and straightforward; concealing nothing
  n. an increase
  v. to disguise or conceal the truth to lie
  n. a group of people joined by common interests a coterie of select friend.
  adj. coarse and stupid
  adj. inflicting, or concerned with, punishment
  adj. flimsy and cheap
  n. a false name assumed by a writer
  v. to throw overboard (as cargo); to throw off (as a burden or something in the way )
  adj. fat
  v. to read carefully
  v. to tempt by flattery or an attractive offer
  adj. sick
  adj. deserving blame or censure

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