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Sample Paper 24

Thorough Test (Contains 40 questions and each questions contains 4 options)
  v. set aside; designate
  adj. natural; inborn
  adj. difficult to please; dainty
  adj. unnecessary; extra
  v. to turn to bone; to harden
  n. one who has occupied an office before another
  n. a purposely misleading statement
  v. to influence or persuade
  n. an impossible fancy
  v. to characterize or make as disgraceful
  adj. having lines or grooves
  n. the rounded, upward-projecting front of a saddle
  adj. slavish; groveling
  adj. unimportant; small
  adj. damp and chilly
  adj. clever, resourceful
  adj. unrefined
  adj. productive
  n. a word or phrase which reads the same backwards and forwards
  n. vileness
  adj. hard to catch
  adj. deep; knowledgeable
  adj. being hard to deal with; unsolved situation
  v. to enfeeble; to wear out
  v. to blot out; to delete
  v. to be advantageous; to be necessary
  n. condition of being physically agitated; disturbance
  n. family relationship; affinity
  n. very hard work; intense pain or agony
  n. opinion contrary to popular belief
  v. to agree without protest
  adj. dangerous; harmful
  n. a rebuke
  adj. wasteful; lavish
  adj. being too long, as in a description or expression; a roundabout, indirect, or ungainly way of expressing something
  n. disaster
  v. to throw overboard goods to lighten a vehicle; to discard
  v. annoy; irritate
  adj. spread out; verbose (wordy)
  v. condescend; stoop
  adj. reflective; contemplative
  adj. shining; translucent
  n. violent or unrestrained anger; fury
  adj. unconcerned
  n. the avoiding of a duty
  v. to build or establish; to instruct and improve the mind
  n. violent or unrestrained anger; fury
  v. to let go; abandon
  v. to increase or add to; to make larger
  adj. matter-of-fact; practical
  n. the image or likeness of a person
  n. appearance, being or manner
  n. A clause stating a condition or stipulation
  adj. concerning everyone; existing everywhere
  v. to bicker
  adj. to the point; clear
  adj. assumed; uncertain
  adj. clear and unambiguous
  v. to gradually become less; to grow dim
  v. to gather up and store; to collect
  adj. various; miscellaneous
  v. to profane; violate the sanctity of
  n. a cleft or crack
  adj. being showy
  adj. in few words; brief
  v. to put money into a fund at fixed intervals
  adj. pertaining to the earth
  n. inflation or extension
  adj. irrelevant; not related
  v. to give vent; to inflict
  n. a situation that has no solution or escape
  n. violent or unrestrained anger; fury
  n. maintenance of stability
  v. to give great praise
  v. to free from confusion
  n. one who believes that others are motivated entirely by selfishness.
  adj. being mournful or sad
  n. an original draft or record of a document
  adj. giving generously
  v. to free from guilt
  n. a large number
  adj. not easily understood; dark
  adj. to grow with energy and in great abundance
  n. a complete range; any complete musical scale
  n. having the characteristics of an island
  n. harshness
  n. equipment; accessories
  adj. tastelessly ornamented
  adj. passionate; intense
  v. obey; yield to
  n. children; offspring
  n. the quality of remaining calm and undisturbed
  adj. sweet-smelling; having the odor of a particular thing
  n. anything of mixed origin
  adj. mixed with a darker color
  adj. emphasizing minutiae or form in scholarship or teaching
  v. to spend time aimlessly
  n. the parts of entertainment; a plan for dealing with a matter
  adj. hard to catch
  v. to blot out; to delete
  n. a strong dislike or repugnance
  adj. traditional; accepted
  adj. sticking together; connected
  adj. pertaining to money
  n. failing to meet necessary requirements
  adj. to be imposing or magnificent
  adj. living or happening at the same time; modern
  n. carelessness
  n. ability to write easily and expressively
  adj. depending upon another; risky, uncertain
  adj. lacking warmth, interest, enthusiasm; lukewarm
  adj. easy to see; noticeable
  adj. hidden; beyond human understanding
  n. aid; assistance
  v. to work into gradually and indirectly
  n. the ability to handle situations with skill and diplomacy
  adj. causing a violent injury
  n. ceasing to exist as in death
  v. to force out of hiding; to search for
  adj. going beyond what is reasonable; excessive
  n. copy; reproduction
  v. to ask earnestly
  adj. tiresome; ordinary
  n. a person skilled at telling stories
  v. to reduce; to empty, exhaust
  adj. sparing in use of food or drinks
  adj. optimistic; cheerful
  adj. arrogant; urgent
  v. to grow or develop quickly
  adj. approving or sanctioning
  n. a person who does not conform to the norm
  adj. pompous; wordy
  adj. traditional; common
  v. to disagree; differ in opinion
  adj. following as an effect; important
  n. a state of being tired or listless
  n. an absolute monarchy; government where one person holds power
  ad. wrong; awry
  adj. too sugary; too sentimental or flattering
  v. to think hard; ponder
  adj. in agreement with; harmonious
  n. act of clarifying; adding details
  v. to introduce into conversation
  adj. being mournful or sad
  adj. without equal; incomparable
  v. to force out of hiding; to search for
  adj. longing for the past; filled with bittersweet memories
  adj. not truthful; lying
  adj. giddiness; lack of seriousness
  n. a large tent or covered area, usually used for entertainment
  adj. stubbornly rebellious
  adj. royal; grand
  n. a reverse action
  n. appearance
  adj. tasting sour; harsh in language or temper
  adj. separate; individually distinct
  adj. no longer living or existing
  n. obesity
  n. omission of words that would make the meaning clear
  v. to outline; to describe

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