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Sample Paper 3

Quick Test (Contains 10 questions and each questions contains 4 options)
  v. include; consist of
  n. slander; vilify
  n. collection; heap
  adj. grave; serious
  v. muddle; drive crazy
  adj. expressing praise
  v. languish, decline; long for, yearn
  adj. essential; pertaining to the substance
  adj. efficient
  n. appearance; costume
  n. ornament worn on the shoulder (of a uniform, etc.)
  adj. expedient; prudent
  v. overstock; fill to excess
  n. accuse; serve as evidence against
  n. local or provincial dialect
  v. move troops so that the battle line is extended at the expense of depth
  adj. capable of being stretched
  n. hatred of marriage
  adj. mutually agreed on; done together
  adj. verbose; drawn out
  adj. noticeable; targeted for vengeance
  v. drive our evil spirits
  v. fail completely; sink
  adj. lower
  v. sharpen; stimulate
  adj. brief; terse
  n. ability to identify with another's feelings, ideas, etc
  n. revenging agent
  n. druggist
  adj. limited
  n. quality of a musical tone produced by a musical instrument
  adj. obligatory
  v. pester; annoy
  n. object to be thrown or projected
  v. drink (alcoholic beverages) frequently
  n. malleability; flexibility
  n. informal discussion
  n. circular building or hall covered with a dome
  v. discourage
  n. traitor

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