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Sample Paper 4

Quick Test (Contains 10 questions and each questions contains 4 options)
  adj. stubbornly rebellious
  n. one who leads a simple life of self-denial
  n. solemn moral talk; sermon
  adj. showing little emotion
  n. severity
  n. acting as a dictator
  adj. having an affable manner; carefree
  v. to trespass or intrude
  v. brag; glory over
  n. a gentle wind; breeze
  adj. having great power or physical strength
  n. moral corruption; badness
  v. separate, split
  adj. improper; unfortunate
  adj. unwise; imprudent
  v. to disagree; differ in opinion
  n. unrest; agitation
  n. thrift; economical use or expenditure
  adj. frenzied
  v. to grow together
  v. to soak or stain; permeate
  adj. not clear; uncertain
  n. giving a new meaning to an old word
  v. to agree without protest
  adj. having the composition of wood
  adj. unnecessary; extra
  adj. of a strange nature; weird
  adj. lacking warmth, interest, enthusiasm; lukewarm
  v. interfere with; hinder
  adj. plausible, but deceptive; apparently, but not actually, true
  adj. having to do with shepherds or the country
  v. to make new; renovate
  adj. sweet-smelling; having the odor of a particular thing
  adj. unclear or vague
  adj. solitary
  adj. being young or immature
  v. to show sympathy for
  adj. having great power or physical strength
  v. to characterize or make as disgraceful
  adj. distinguishing one thing from another; having good judgment

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